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Blu Ray Pick Ups for March!

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Showing you what blu rays I have picked up during the month of March. Tell me what you think.

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  1. +Blu-ray Benn Hey buddy, sorry to hear that spring is trying to ruin your
    day, you should take revenge haha! I am a big fan of the Descent, and the
    sport your trying to think of is spelunking, although cave crawling sounds
    much better. I still haven’t seen Rush, although I am a big F1 fan and very
    interested in the Hunt v Lauda legend. Great update Ben, hope the spring is
    a little kinder to you soon.

  2. Geek Legion of Doom

    The Descent is an amazing movie. It’s one of my go to horror movies If I
    ever watch a horror with a lady friend. Neil Marshall actually directs alot
    of Game of Thrones episodes including the Big action episodes like the
    Battle of Blackwater. Also you may not know the Descent has 2 endings.
    Their is actually a sequel based of the American version of the ending
    which is different to the one we got here in old Blighty

  3. Great pick ups as always. I love every one of those movies. I need to
    rewatch Rush soon, haven’t seen it since the theaters. The Descent is a
    superb horror film as well as Dog Soldiers. 

  4. I enjoyed all of the films that you showed in this update, great video. 

  5. Great update! I like Ben Affleck but i still have to see The Town. Her is
    good and Joaquin Pheonix is one of my favorite actors. Halloween has so
    many editions on bluray i dont know which one to pick up lol. 

  6. Horace Worgrit Wimp

    Great pick-ups there buddy

  7. ItIsRainingBlood's channel

    Cool update man. I want to see The Town so bad. I’ve heard great things
    about it. I haven’t seen The Descent either. I wasn’t a big fan of Her
    honestly. I didn’t really like that sci fi world in that movie. Halloween
    is one my favorite horror movies. I haven’t seen Rush yet either. Cool
    update man!

  8. The Empty Theater

    Quality over quantity is perfect! I just took on that mantra myself! Dog
    soldiers I loved, the decent I didn’t. Although I will agree it is really
    well filmed. Loved Her. The wardrobe for the future is awesome! Kind of
    weird, out of everything in the film I bring up the wardrobe lol. Halloween
    is a classic indeed! Worth owning and timeless. I still need to see Rush.
    With your love for it I may just go red box it right away! Cheers mate!
    Great video! 

  9. Yo Benn! Great pickups my man. Love “Her”, one of my favorites in recent
    memory. Just a fantastic film. Halloween, what a classic. I love that
    little convention documentary on there. Really cool to see Jamie Lee Curtis
    interacting with the fans after so many years. Good stuff buddy! 

  10. Great update buddy.Rush is really good.Descent i have just watched parts of
    on tv.The Town is also good one.Imo one of the best robbery movies.Take
    care buddy.

  11. ROBB The Movie Collector

    Hey Benn, Lots of great picks. Definitely a great Idea to chose quality of
    quantity, it’s really something that I need to do more of. The Town is one
    I really liked, great story and acting.. I love Her too. Halloween is a
    classic, I really love the visuals and the soundtrack.. Rush was one of my
    favorites of 2013. It’s one that i think a lot of people skipped, as it
    doesn’t seem to get talked about much. Love Dog solders. My favorite
    werewolf movie for sure. 

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