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Captain America: The First Avenger – You Think You Know Movies?

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If you’re new, Subscribe! → Did you know that before Iron Man became a huge hit, Marvel almost made Captain America into a comedy? Check out more facts…

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  1. I mean first 

  2. 1:12 and still havent heard anything about the film.

  3. now you need to do the incredible hulk and you’ll be finished with the
    marvel movies

  4. Love captain America big marvel and dc fan superman and captain america r
    my favourite superheroes with iron man and green arrow coming at second

  5. CookieMonsterMC11

    Nice video! :D

  6. That CGI though…

  7. Can you do the rest of the Xmen series?

  8. NosferatuArucard

    Wow.. when you point out that his head did replace another man face… is
    it so obvious O_o

  9. I absolutely love this series! Do you think there’s any chance that you
    could do a “You Think You Know Movies…” for The Fifth Element? I
    certainly hope so! Either way, keep on creating & I’ll keep watching!

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