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‘Iron Man’ – You Think You Know Movies?

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  1. Would love the “YTYK” treatment to one of my top 2 movies of all time:
    1) Goonies
    2) Rudy
    Thanks in advance guys!

  2. loved this

  3. The Sherman Brothers wrote ” Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow ” the theme song
    to the Carousel of Progress and “Make Way for Tomorrow”: from Iron Man 2
    was written by Richard M. Sherman one half of the Sherman brothers. Also
    Carousel of Progress was created for the 1964 Worlds Fair, and then was
    moved Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

  4. I am so glad that Tarantino didn’t direct the movie

  5. What! The Mandarin is Real!!!! IRONMAN 4 CONFIRMED!!!!

  6. I so wanna see one of Scott Pilgrim vs The World!

  7. where would one find the marvel one shots without buying the DVDs

  8. sad thing is i knew almost all these, maybe that comes from watching every
    special feature from every marvel movie.

  9. Robert Downey Jr. Made iron man amazing 

  10. Best channel on the youtubes

  11. So people should stop bitch about ”they fucked up the mandarin” because
    he simply wasn’t the mandarin. That guy is still out there somewhere.

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